Friday, October 22, 2010

22nd = Even Day - Nasty Video - Poo in bath

I have a very twisted sense of humor, but this is just nasty! Let me count the ways...

1. He definitely looks like he is going to eat the poo at the end of the the clip.

2. Isn't a still camera more apporiate to capture 1-2 tub shots? Not a video documentary!

3. After making "Little Rylee's Tub adventure" it gets posted on YouTube? Can you imagine becoming famous for a video like this? "Oh yea, you were the kid that pooped in the tub!"


  1. That would be my daughter rylee.. No she didn't eat the poo lol I immediately grabbed her and rinsed her off. I take videos of her doing pretty much everything to send to her grandma Via our iPhones because she sadly moved two hours away and doesn't get to see her very often. And I posted it on YouTube because it's funny.. Don't deny it! Lol it's not like you can see any private parts or you would know that she was a girl :) just thought I would explain myself a little haha

  2. Who hasn't shit in their own tub? You really expect me to jump on the toilet in the middle of my shower?