Saturday, October 23, 2010

24th = Even Day - Gross Video - Monkey peeing in his own mouth

So I must admit this video is quite "mainstream" but it has a real classic charm.

My favorite parts of the video are:

0:04 - "Ewwwwww"
0:28 - The sheer volume of urine retained in his mouth

Also, please note that this is an orangutan not a "monkey."

No for those looking for something a little "more extreme" I have another monkey video. I don't want to over post about poop and pee, so check it out here
Monkey eating hist poo - a little too extreme

Friday, October 22, 2010

23rd = Odd Day - Funny Video - Airbag Fun!!

This video reminds me of something I would do with a group of my friends...

Watch the video before you read more.

My only question is how did that go wrong! Was the guy too old? Maybe not fit enough? My theory is that the dude with the trigger sent 1-2 seconds too early.

Even after seeing him get messed up it still looks fun. I don't advocate doing this but next time I have a spare airbag I am sure sitting on it will enter into my list of ideas.

22nd = Even Day - Nasty Video - Poo in bath

I have a very twisted sense of humor, but this is just nasty! Let me count the ways...

1. He definitely looks like he is going to eat the poo at the end of the the clip.

2. Isn't a still camera more apporiate to capture 1-2 tub shots? Not a video documentary!

3. After making "Little Rylee's Tub adventure" it gets posted on YouTube? Can you imagine becoming famous for a video like this? "Oh yea, you were the kid that pooped in the tub!"

First Post! - Fred Figglehorn - The Babysitter's a Vampire

I will be doing nearly daily reviews of the garbage on YouTube... until then watch this :-P